Why You Should Share Your Child’s Food Allergy Action Plan 0
2016-02-14 14:07:41

Imagine if you coulld easily share lifesaving information about your child's food allergy with every caregiver in your child's life. AllerPal is a new app available in iTunes and Google Play. It makes it easy for parents to share their child’s food allergy action plan with caregivers and other parents. The food allergy action plan or anaphylaxis plan created by a child’s doctor provides important information about allergens, symptoms of a potential reaction a caregiver should be looking for, and when and how to treat.

The plan would be easily accessible on every caregivers mobile devices. A parent can easily and quickly create an online version of their child's plan in Allerpal and share it with relatives, neighbors, family friends, and coaches. The information is easily accessible and will be just a click away for playdates, sports practices and birthday parties.

A recent study found that as many as 40% of children with food allergies have experienced an anaphylactic reaction.Many people don’t understand the severity of food allergies, and wouldn't know what to do if a child under their care had a reaction.  Sharing allergy action plans improves the knowledge level of caregivers and let's them know exactly when and how to treat.

 Today, action plans are shared with schools and daycare providers, but there has not been an easy way to share plans with the many other caregivers in a child’s life. AllerPal makes it easy to create a community of informed caregivers for food-allergic children.