We are focused on simple but powerful solutions to improve the knowledge and education level of caregivers. AllerPal puts important care information in the hands of the many caregivers in a child's life, sharing care information and making the information easily accessible.

Elizabeth Luce, Founder

AllerPal was created by Dandelion Technology, LLC. 8% of children have food allergies, and are at risk of having a serious allergic reaction if they are accidentally exposed to their allergen. Today, Doctors often handwrite allergy action plans that explain the child’s allergy, symptoms to look for and how to treat them if you suspect an allergic reaction. These plans are shared with school nurses or daycare providers but are often not shared with the many other caregivers in a child’s life.

It is our hope that the AllerPal app will allow parents to share this important information more easily, make it more accessible and result in improved care for kids with food allergies.

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